April 28, 2024

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Two countries that need your tourism dollar

try colombia

Are you someone who likes to travel to other countries, neighbouring cities or new locations in your hometown? If so, why do you enjoy travelling? If not, why not?

Here are a couple of the destinations, the editors suggest visiting in 2020:

Half-century of civil war has com to a close, and Colombia is eager to become the daring, cosmopolitan hot place it deserves to be. While much work is needed to incorporate former rebels back into society, foreign tourism climbed 250 per cent during the past decade. In the capital, Bogotá, there are now dozens of luxury hotel chains that have opened, while the food scene has gotten a major boost.

The Caribbean
Hurricanes Irma and Maria delivered a one-two punch into the Caribbean in 2017, battering several islands, including Dominica, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin and the United States Virgin Islands. While more than 70 per cent of the tourism-dependent region was unaffected, hoteliers and tourism bureaus around the islands banded together to help their neighbours and spread the word that business for one means survival for all.