April 28, 2024

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Cheap destinations for couples

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Cheap holidays do not necessarily require you to make sacrifices which make them no less enjoyable. There are loads of amazing, affordable destinations across the world that permit you to stretch your Aussie bucks. We have assembled this list of two cheap destinations for couples that want an excellent overseas vacation that does not break the bank.

Our number one suggestion for keeping your travel costs down is to prevent the peak seasons when flights and accommodation are expensive. Being flexible on the time of year and even time and day you travel can save a lot of money on flights. The more you save getting there and back, the more spending cash you’ve got in your pocket while you’re there.

Bali, Indonesia

When most Australians think of an inexpensive holiday, their first thought is Bali. It’s the perfect quick getaway for enjoying a champagne hotel room on a beer budget. Some people like to hang out in the resort all day so that they pay only a bit more than flights and accommodation for their escape. Others want to get out and explore every day and find some inexpensive things to do and places to eat.

Penang, Malaysia

There are loads of activities to keep couples of any age occupied. You can hurtle through the air on a zipline, free fall from a 20-metre platform, have a slide and swing on a tree.

If history is more your thing, there’s a lot to learn during your stay in Penang.